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Testimonials: Testimonials

Samantha, mother of Ava

Penelope is a truly gifted artist. We were drawn to her ability to capture the beautiful innocence of children and the luminous quality of her work. We commissioned a portrait of our eldest daughter in 2018 and were amazed with what she created. Ava is a soft-hearted, conscientious child and Penelope has managed to capture this perfectly. 
We look forward to adding a portrait of our youngest daughter in the near future.

Nanette, mother of Farrah

Penelope took the time to get to know our daughter, creating a rapport with her which put her at ease. She was easy to work with and has captured not just our daughter's likeness, but a sense of her character, and a glimpse of the person she is becoming.There is a quality to this painted portrait that we cannot get from a photograph, and everyone who visits our home comments on how beautiful it is. 
It is truly a treasured keepsake.

Kristen, mother of Evelyn

Penelope created a magical portrait of our daughter that I will treasure forever.

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